Beeswax sitting against a log backdrop.

The beeswax your candles deserve.

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Sperry Beeswax value props lined up against one another.

Our Beeswax Process

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Packaged beeswax with a picture of melted beeswax being poured.
The Sperry family smiling holding beeswax.

90 Years in the Bzzz...

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Sperry Beeswax Press Mentions

Many uses. Good forever.

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Becca Sperry holding a beeswax block.

Rainy Day-Compatible

Beeswax never expires. Store your block for as long as you need, and it'll be right there at a moment's notice. If you keep it from melting in the heat, it'll be your reliable companion for years.

Purified Bulk Beeswax Block [Pre-Order]

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