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Hello! I'm Becca Sperry (co-founder with my husband Mark), and here are some common questions and answers. If you have any questions, email Caleb (our customer support guy) at Thanks for supporting our small bee farm!

What can I use beeswax for?

Candles. Lip Balms. Soaps. Spoon Butter. Salves. Moisturizer/Body Butter. Deodorant. Perfume. Just to name a few.

It also works particularly great for polishing and waxing wood, and it's really handy to have around in your workshop.

Does beeswax expire?

No, beeswax will not expire. While it's best to keep out of the heat... you'll be able to store your beeswax block as long as you need.

Why should I choose Sperry Beeswax?

We're a small apiary up in North Dakota, ran and operated by my husband and I. We don't outsource any part of production... we raise our own bees, and I clean and filter the beeswax myself. You'll receive a block that's been purified by me, and few beeswax companies can say the same.

Plus, your order is 100% guaranteed, so there's no risk. If you find something you don't like (or just change your mind after you've ordered), send it back using our handy-dandy returns manager and we'll issue you a full refund, no problem.

How much does shipping cost?

Free! No extra fees or curveballs at checkout, we'll ship it at no extra cost to you. That might save you $8.

How long until my order arrives? 

3-5 days. If it's taking longer, email me at and I'll figure out the issue.

So, I changed my mind. Can I return it? 

Yes, as long as you haven't used any beeswax. However, if you've used some of your block and don't like something, email me at and I'll help you out.

Can I get a coupon? 

Yes, when you subscribe to our newsletter, you'll get 15% off right away! You can always unsubscribe later.